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Amigurumi White Bull Free Crochet Pattern

ello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…
Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi White Bull without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

For knitting you will need:

– ıncyazha. I usually knit from Himalaya Dolphin plush knit


Colors: milky No. 80308

brown No. 80336

pink marshmallow No. 80346

For YarnArt Dolce hooves # 754, for cap # 747

For the redhead, I took the same colors for the hooves and the body, for

hair HDb No. 80316, for YAD spots No. 779.

– hook number 4.

– black thread for embroidery of eyelashes and eyebrows I have Alize

cotton Gold.

– a needle with a blunt end.

– eyes on a screw or other mount. I have 16mm;

– scissors;

– filler (synthetic winterizer or holofiber);

– marker or contrasting thread.


ch – air loop;

sl-st – connecting post;

sc – single crochet;

hdc – half double crochet;

dc – double crochet;

dec – decаmagic ring – knit 2 loops ınc one; most often I do dec

catching only the front wall of the hinge. First first, then

the second, and then the working thread. (unless otherwise noted).

video decаmagic ring

ınc– ıncibav magic ring, in one loop ınc knit 2 loops; video ıncibav magic ring

MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring Video 6sc in MAGİC RİNG

() * – what in brackets magic rings to repeat the magic ring a given number of times.

Magic ring toys are knitted in a spiral without lifting loops. If not a magic ring


Legs (handles) 4 pcs.

Fill not tightly – only the hoof.

1.8sc in MAGİC RİNG

2.8ınc (16)

3.16sc for the back wall of the hinge

knitting for the back wall of the loop – video


5. (2sc, dec) * 4 (12) color change in

the last loop of the 5th row.

6. In two strands 12sc. We raise

brown thread, we knit

dairy. video – color change

7. For half-loop lane (ss, ch, 2dcv 1

loop, ch) * 6, sl-st into first loop)

7. For the back half loop 12sc

8. (1sc dec) * 4 (8) fill the leg a little.

9-16. 8sc

17.fold in half ınc knit 4sc

through two canvases.


Do not fill.

1.4sc in MAGİC RİNG

2-17. 4sc, color change in the last ptlu of the 17th row.

18.4ınc (8), knit by pulling the thread (before the magic ring

ınc to knit) to the bottom.

19. (2sc, dec) * 2 (6), also pulling the thread down,

pull off the hole, close the thread.


(fill tightly):

1.6sc in MAGİC RİNG

2.6ınc (12)

3. (1sc, ınc) * 6 (18)

4. (1sc, ınc) * 9 (27)

5. (2sc, ınc) * 9 (36)

6.7sc, 4sc with leg, 6 sc, 2sc in tail, 6sc, 4sc with

by foot, 7sc (36)

7-8. 36sc

9. (2sc, dec) * 9 (27)


11. (1sc, dec) * 9 (18)

12-13. 18sc

14.3sc, 4sc with hand, 6sc, 4sc with hand, 1sc (18)

15. (4sc, dec) * 3 (15), fasten the thread, leave a long tail

for sewing the head.

The displacements depend on the density of knitting and ın-knit, therefore

make sure that your handles are level with your feet and

tail. Or move ınc to the right side and knit.

Horns. 2 pcs.

do not fill

1.4sc in MAGİC RİNG

2. (1sc, ınc) * 2 (6)

3. (2sc, ınc) * 2 (8)

Fold in half ınc knit 4sc across 2 canvases.

Ears. 2 pcs.

do not fill

1.6sc in MAGİC RİNG

2.6ınc (12)

3. (1sc, ınc) * 6 (18)

4. (2sc, ınc) * 6 (24)


6.12dec (12)

fold in half, ınc tie 3sc across 2 canvases, fold again

in half the remaining tip, ınc knit another 2sc across 4 canvases (5)

we bend the tip of one eye in front, the other – back.


stuff tight

1.6ch, in the second loop from the hook magic ring 3sc in 1 loop, 3sc in the chain, 3sc in

last loop, 3 sc on the other side of the chain of ch (12)

chain magic ring from ch-video

2.3ınc, 3sc, 3ınc, 3sc (18)

3. 18sc, color change in the last loop of 3 rows.

4 row we knit for the back wall of the loop

4.4sc, 6p, 8sc (24)

5.3sc, (1sc, ınc) * 6, 9sc (30)

6.3sc, (2sc, ınc) * 6, 9sc (36)

7. (5sc, ınc) * 6 (42)

8-10. 42sc

11.8sc, 5sc with ear, 4sc with horn, 6sc 4sc with horn, 5 sc with

ear, 10sc.


13. (5sc, dec) * 6 (36)

we insert the eyes between the 5th and 6th row.

14. (4sc, dec) * 6 (30)

15. (3sc, dec) * 6 (24)

16. (2sc, dec) * 6 (18)

17. (1sc, dec) * 6 (12)

18. 6dec (6), pull off the hole after shaping the head.

Head decoration

1. I pull my eyes down:

I insert a needle with a flesh thread from the bottom. I bring my eyes out into the outer needles ınc

thread (not completely leaving the tip for tying at the bottom) and insert it into the inner corner of the eye.

I bring it down. Then into the second eye. I pull down symmetrically and tie the ends of the ıncyachu at the bottom

to the head.

2. I pull my eyes back. I just bring everything to the back of my head. Into a non-tightened hole.

3. I embroider the eyelids: first in the color of the head, then in black. And the eyebrows are black.

4. knit where – insert the hook into the place where the thread changes to the bodily one. Inc knit ch, sc in the same

place and another 2sc sıncava to the left. Bring the thread to the beginning of the year, tie both threads and


5. ınc knit a bang. We knit sc pulling the thread to the face of the bull magic ring. Inc knit like this 2 rows of magic rings both sides.

Well done!
Your bull is ready!

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