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Amigurumi Alice Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Alice Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Needle, scissors
Eyes on 10mm safety mount
Buttons 2pcs
Loop marker

Magic ring – amigurumi ring
Ch – connecting column
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet
C2H – double crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
ZPP – behind the front wall of the loop
ZZP – behind the back wall of the loop
Knob – 4dc in 1st not to the end, then cast off 5sts on the hook
YarnArt Jeans 73 (leather)
YarnArt Jeans 01 (white)
YarnArt Jeans 88 (yellow)
YarnArt Jeans 15 (blue)
YarnArt Jeans 28 (black)

HANDS 2pcs (skin color)
1 6sc in magic ring 6
2 (2 inc, sc) x2 10
3-5 10sc 10
6 1Sh, 9sc 10
7 4sc, dec, 4sc 9
8-20 9sc (13 rows) 9

Sl-st, fasten and cut the thread, do not stuff your hands.
Place a marker directly above the finger from 1w on the 20th row.

EARS 2pcs (skin color)
Knit loose.
In the magic ring, knit 1sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 1hdc, 1sc.
Tighten and form a semicircle. leave
sewing thread.

TUBE for neck (skin color)
The tube is placed inside the neck to make
its more rigid. We are going to use
her like a skeleton.
1 6sc in magic ring 6
2 (2sc, inc) x2 10
3-13 10sc (11 rows) 10

Sl-st, fasten and cut the thread, do not stuff.
If desired, a wire can be used instead of such a tube.

LEGS and BODY (starting in white)
We start knitting from the foot of the right foot.
1 6 ch, in the 2nd st from the hook
4sc, 4inc in 1p, turn,
3sc, inc
Put a marker
2 inc, 3sc, 4inc, 3sc, 2inc 20
3 ZZP 20sc 20
4 4sc, (dec, 2sc) x3, 4sc 17
5 (2sc, dec) x3, 5sc 14
6 5sc, dec, 7sc 13
7-19 13sc (13 rows) 13
20 12sc, inc (inc in this row
should be in the middle
wrong side)
21-30 14sc (10 rows) 14
SS, fasten and cut the thread, stuff the leg. Place a marker in the middle of the inner
leg parts.

We start knitting from the foot of the left leg.
Knit the left leg in the same way as the right.
The last loop of the 30th row should be
in the middle, if not, knit more
several loops. Put a marker, new
the beginning of the row.
31 11sc (on the left leg), 2ch
(between the legs), 13sc (by
right leg), 2sc, 3sc
(on the left leg)
32 11sc, 2sc for ch, 19sc 32
33-36 32sc (4 rows) 32
37 Change to skin color
(6sc, dec) x4

38-46 28sc (9 rows) 28
47 Attach hands:
5sc on the body, 1sc (on
marked loop left
hands), 8sc (on the left
hand), 14sc, 1sc (according to
marked loop right
hands), 8sc (on the right
hand), 9sc
14 sts in front, 14 sts on back, 9 sts on each
hand. Don’t stuff your hands.
48 2sc, 2dec, 7sc, 2dec, 8sc,
2dec, 7sc, 2dec, 6sc
49 (2sc, dec) x8, 6sc 30
50 (3sc, dec)x6 24
51 (2sc, dec)x6 18
52 (sc, dec)x6 12
53-55 12sc (3 rows) for neck 12

HEAD (skin color)
56 12inc 24
57 (2sc, inc) x8 32
58 (3sc, inc)x8 40
59 (7sc, inc)x5 45
60 (8sc, inc)x5 50
61 (4sc, inc)x10 60
62 (9sc, inc)x6 66
Stuff the tube and insert it into your neck.
63-66 66sc (4 rows) 66
67 (9sc, dec)x6 60

68 (8sc, dec)x6 54
69-78 54sc (10 rows) 54
Insert eyes between 68 and 69 rows on
distance 9p between them. You can advance
note the position of the eyes.
Start stuffing your head.
79 (7sc, dec)x6 48
80 (6sc, dec)x6 42
81 (5sc, dec)x6 36
82 18dec 18
83 (sc, dec)x6 12
84 6dec 6
Fasten off, leave a thread to bind off the remaining 6 loops.

 Embroider eyelashes, eyebrows with black thread (stitch length 3p, height 2p, distance
from eyelashes to eyebrows 3p) and mouth (length 2p, knit 1p 1 row higher)
 Form the nose between the eyes in 65-66 rows (3p)
 You can apply some blush on your cheeks with powder or acrylic
 Sew on the ears between 65-69 rows, the distance from the ears to the eyes is 7 stitches.

HAIR (in yellow)
1 8sc in magic ring 8
2 8inc 16
3 (sc, inc) x8 24
4 (2sc, inc) x8 32
5 (3sc, inc)x8 40
Tied up the top part of the hair. Further, the thread
cut, knit strands in a spiral.
At the end, knit the SS in the next. n. (indicated on
picture below), then continue to knit
1-15 40ch, turn, from the 2nd p from the hook 38dc.
Skip 1p, sl-st next. P.
Continue knitting 20 strands.

Position your hair at the crown. Leave 6 strands of hair in front, pin the rest behind
ears. First sew the round part on the top of the head, do not tighten too much, otherwise
will look bad.
Pin up 14 sections of hair behind the ears. Pull the needle out of where you stabbed
hair. Just sew 14 strands behind the ears to the head.
Don’t overtighten or it won’t look good.
Take 3 strands of hair (out of the 6 strands of hair you left earlier) on the right
front of the head. Bend 3 strands of hair, make bangs and sew them together for
ear. Do the same for the left side.

BOW (black)
1 90ch, then: inc, 87sc, 3sc in yp, 89sc

sl-st, secure and cut the thread.

TAPE (in black)
1 32ch, in the 3rd in from the hook we knit 29dc,
3dc in 1p, 29dc
sl-st, secure, leave a long thread. Sew the ends to form a circle.
Place the bow on the ribbon, sew and wrap with thread.

DRESS (blue)
1 30 ch, from the 7th st from the hook
knit 3sc, 3sc in 1p,
4sc, 3sc in 1p, 6sc, 3sc
in 1, 4sc, 3sc in 1p, 3sc,
2ch, turn
2 4dc, 3dc in 1p, 6dc, 3dc in
1p, 8dc, 3dc in 1p, 6dc,
3dc in 1p, 4dc, 2ch,
3 5dc, 3dc in 1p, 8inc from dc,
3dc in 1p, 10dc, 3dc in 1p,
8 inc from dc, 3 dc in 1p, 5 dc,
2ch, turn
4 6dc, 3ch, skip 20p,
12dc, 3ch, skip 20p,
6dc, 2ch, turn
5 6dc, 3dc in ch, 12dc, 3dc
in ch, 6dc, sl-st in the ring, 2ch
6 30hdc, sl-st, 2ch 30
7 ZPP (3dc in 1p)x30, slst, 2ch 90

8-11 90hdc, sl-st, 2ch 90
12 ZPP 90hdc 90
Cut off the blue thread. Attach white
yarn, knit STD in the 12th row, start with 2ch
13 90hdc, sl-st 90
14 4ch, sc next. p., repeat
to the end of the row
Fasten and cut the thread. Sew on the button after knitting the apron.

COLLAR (white)
Hold the dress facing you. Join
white yarn in 1p. Work 8sl-st, 3ch, 2c2h,
3ch, 2sl-st, 3ch, 2c2h, 3ch, 9sl-st.
Fasten, hide the threads.

APRON (white)
1 54ch, from the 7th * p from the hook
we knit 4sc, inc, 14sc, inc,
8sc, inc, 14sc, inc, 4sc,
2ch, turn
2 5dc, 6ch, skip 16p,
10dc, 6ch, skip 16p,
5dc, ch, turn
3 12sl-st, 2ch, 10hdc 2ch,
4 10 inc from dc, 2ch, turn 20
5-7 20dc, 2ch, turn 20
8 20hdc 20

  • in the missed sts there will be a place for a button
    Fasten and cut the thread. Sew the apron onto the dress.

SHOES 2pcs (black)
1 6ch, in the 2nd p from the hook,
4sc, 4sc in 1p, turn,
3sc, 1inc
2 1inc, 3sc, 4inc, 3sc, 2inc 20
3 ZZP 20sbn 20
4 20sc 20
5 8sc, 1dec, 10sc 19
6 5sc, 8ch, skip 8p,
ss next. P.


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