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Amigurumi Alex Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Alex Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

What we need
.2 mm,2.5mm ve 3mm crochet hook
.Alize cotton Gold 401 skin color
.Yarn art jeans 88(yellow),81(turquoise),50(purple)
.Yarn art tropikal 618
.For hair, 100% acrylic yarn turquoise color and a fine-tipped comb are
required. I used a cat comb. I explained how I made the hair in the pattern.
Alternatively, you can use wool felt, tube hair.
.12 mm safety eyes
.4 small buttons
.fiberfill,pins and sewing needle
For making eyes on the hat
.2 buttons
.Black, white acrylic paint, varnish and a fine-tipped brush. These are not
mandatory materials. You can also make eyes by knitting them or
using adhesive eyes.
. black, white and brown thread to embroider eyes, eyebrows and
.Soft pastel and watercolor pencil to color the face

Mr: magic ring Slst: slip stitch
Sc : single crochet Hdcdec: half double crochet decrease
İnc: increase POPCORN : 3 double crochet in stitch
Dec: decrease HDC : halfdouble crochet
Ch: chain Hdcinc: half double crochet increase
M : decrease 3 single crochet at the same time
BLO :back loop only

Arms-401 VE 88 -2MM hook
Stuff the middle part slightly and don’t stuff the top part of the arm
1 İn mr 7sc 7
2 7inc 14
3-4 14sc 14
5 POPCORN,13sc 14
6 14sc 14
7 Dec,5sc,dec,5sc 12
8 12sc 12
9 FLO 12sc 12
10-11 12sc 12
12 Change to yellow Blo 12sc 12
13-30 18 rounds 12sc 12
31 Fold the piece edges together
and crochet 6sc through
both layers 6sc

Legs-88 VE 401 -2MM hook
1 Ch 9 9
2 Starting 2nd ch from the
İnc,6sc,5sc into one ch
3 2inc,6sc,5inc,6sc,2inc 30
4 30sc 30
5 10sc,10HDC,10sc 30
6 BLO10sc,10HDC,BLO10sc 30
7 30sc 2rounds 30
8 12sc,(dec,sc)2,12sc 28 9 11sc,(dec,sc)2,11sc 26
10 10sc,(dec,sc)*2,10sc 24
11 Dec,7sc,3dec,7sc,dec 19
12-13 19sc 19
**14 sc,inc(back),15sc,inc(back),s
**15 2sc,inc(back),15sc,inc(back),
**16 3sc,inc(side),15sc,inc(side),
17-20 4 rounds 25sc 25
21 Change to skin color
BLO 25sc
22-23 2 rounds 25sc 25
**24 Now we are makin knee
**25 11sc,(FLO 12sc)-front,8sc 31
**26 11sc,(3M,6sc,M)-front,8sc 27
**27 13sc,2dec front,10sc
**28 13sc,dec,10sc 24
29 24sc 24
**30 9sc,inc,5sc,inc,8sc 26
31 26sc 26
**32 9sc,inc,7sc,inc,8sc 28
33 28sc 28
**34 9sc,inc,9sc,inc,8sc 30
35-40 30sc – 6 rounds 30
41 27sc and finish

**at the rounds 14-15-16 increases starting from back side of the leg
and follows the side parts
**between rounds 24 -28 we are making knee
.6hdcv should place right at the front.
**the increases
between rounds
30-34 should be
at the sides

Please crochet second leg 6sc more and find middle points of two
legs.Ch 3 and join the legs.It should be at the back side of the doll.
1 30sc,3sc(chain),30sc,3sc
2-13 66sc-12 rounds
14 64sc and our starting
point should be at middle
of the back
15 Change to yellow
16 (Sc,dec)2(back middle),52sc, (dec,sc)2(back middle)
17 60sc 60
18 16sc,dec(side),29sc,dec
19 1sc,(sc,dec)2(back middle),45sc, (dec,sc)2(back middle)
20 54sc 54
21 (7sc,dec)6 48 22-24 48sc-3 rounds 48 25 (6sc,dec)6 42
26-29 42sc-4 rounds 42
30 11sc,6sc (crochet arm with
body),15sc,6sc(arm with
31 42sc 42
Place the wire into the neck for support.
32 (5sc,dec)6 36 33 Change to skin color BLO(4sc,dec)6
34 (3sc,dec)6 24 35 (2sc,dec)6 18
36 (4sc,dec)*3 15
37-40 15sc- 4 rounds 15

Head-401 no color -2MM hook
1 MR 6sc 6
2 6inc 12
3 (Sc, inc)6 18 4 Sc,inc,(2sc,inc)5,sc 24
5 (3sc,inc)6 30 6 2sc,inc(4sc,inc)5, 2sc 36
7 (5sc,inc)6 42 8 3sc,inc(6sc,inc)5,3sc 48
9 (7sc,inc)6 54 10 4sc,inc(8sc,inc)5,4sc 60
11 (9sc,inc)6 66 12-23 66sc-13rounds 66 24 28sc,ch 1 and skip 1 sc,8sc,ch 1 and skip 1 sc,28sc-insert eyes skipped 1sc place 25 66sc 66 26 24sc,(sc,inc)4,2sc,
(inc,sc)4,24sc 74 27-29 74sc-3 rounds-insert eyes 74 30 24sc,(sc,dec)4,2sc,
(sc,dec)4,24sc 66 31 (9sc,dec)6 60
32 4sc,dec,(8sc,dec)5,4sc 54 33 (7sc,dec)6 48
34 3sc,dec(6sc,dec)5,3sc 42 Leave the yarn long and then we will use it to sew the head to the Make needle sculpting.insert the needle at point 1 ,exit through point 2,insert needle point 3,exit through point 4.Similarly make a thigtening for the second eye.Fix thread and hide inside. 35 (5sc,dec)6 36
36 2sc,dec(4sc,dec)*5, 2

Emroideer white of the eyes and eyelashes.
Make nose the on row 25th and on 5sc.
Emroider the eyebrows on 5th row above the
eyes with brown color thread.

How to make hair
Let’s cut 10 ropes of 45 cm length and fix them on the knitting
needle. Start combing from the ends of the yarn with the cat comb
and comb them upwards. In this way, we will ensure that the yarn.
opens and gives the soft look we want. It is completely normal that
most of the yarn stays on the comb while combing 🙂
.Let’s remove the threads, attach them to the 11th row with the help of
crochet hook.
To keep hair stable, you can sew them with 1 layer of thread if you
wish. I fixed the roots of the hair using a strong all-purpose adhesive.
.Let’s comb the hair to the right and shape it. If you want it to look
brighter, you can go over the hair 1-2 times on the lowest setting of
the hair straightener.

Hat -color no 50 -3 MM Hook
We do the BPDC as in the picture . We take the yarn over our crochet
as we do DC. Then we pass our crochet under dc, take the yarn and
pass it through all the loops. In this way, we give the tip of the hat a
rib look and narrow the hat.
1 In MR 10DC 10
2 DCinc10 20 3 (DC,Dinc)10 30
4 (2DC,DCinc)10 40 5 (3DC,DCinc)10 50
6-9 52DC 50
10 Backpost double
crochet ,DC..until end of
the round
11 Turquoise 50sc 50

Ears-81 VE 50-2MMhook
sew the ears to the head between5th and 6th rows with 6 Dc apart
from eachother.If you wish, you can attach colored silvery thread or
other colored threads to the ends of the ears.

First, let’s paint with white acrylic paint. Then draw the eye with black
and light it with white. Finally, let’s varnish and create a bright image.
1 With blue 5sc in mr 5
2 5sc 5
3 5inc 10
4 (Sc ,inc)5 15 5-7 With purple 15sc 15 8-11 With blue 15sc 15 . Sew eyes onnhat between 8th and 9th rounds. Overalls-618-2.5MM hook At row 10 start crocheting overall spirally ! 1 Ch 51 2 50sc 50 3 9HDC,Ch 9 and skip 8 sc,16HDC,Ch 9 And skip 8 sc,9HDC 52 4 8HDC,HDCinc,9HDC-on ch- (HDCinc,3HDC)2,
(3HDC,HDCinc)2,9HDCon ch-,HDCinc,8HDC 58 5 9HDC,HDCinc,9HDC (HDCinc,4HDC)2,
In the 19th row, we sew from the middle of the jumpsuit 10sc-10sc facing
each other. In this way, we separate 30sc for each leg. We crochet 3 rows of
30sc on each leg and complete the overalls. Join yarn on the collar again
and crochet 50 sc , then ,(3sc,dec) *10. We move on to the other end of the
collar and make ch 8 and fix them in the same loop, in this way we open
the buttonhole for the button and sew the button on the opposite side.
Chain 16 for making pockets .Chrochet 15 sc 9 rows and sew it in front
of the overalls.
6 10HDC,HDCinc,9HDC
(HDCinc,5HDC)2, (5HDC,HDCinc)2,9HDC-
7-9 68HDC-crochet 3 row
And make slip stitch,join
10-18 9 rounds crochet spirally 70

Shoes- color 50 and 81-2MM hook
For the strap sc 12 with purple

  1. ınc,8sc,inc,sc,inc,8sc,inc: 25 sc
    2.Make 24 sc with blue and finish.Sew the button and sew strap on the

  • Details
    On flos at the socks, arms and neck wrap
    it with purple yarn.
    -I made the freckles on the face with
    Lyra’s watercolor pencil indian color and
    the blush with faber pastel soft pastel color
    no. 226. You can use any colors you
    1 Ch 9 9
    2 İnc,6sc,5sc on same ch,6sc,inc 21
    3 2inc,6sc,5inc,6sc,2inc 30
    4-8 30sc – 5rounds 30
    9 12sc,(dec,sc)*2,12sc 28
    10 With blue 28sc
  • READY!

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