Amigurumi Prince Cherry Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Prince Cherry Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Yarn – plush DOLCE white, black, brown, red.
Yarn jeans or novelty for buttons and pom-poms yellow
Hook No. 3 for plush yarn, and No. 1.5 for jeans
Felt white black pink for eyes and tongue
Needle and thread for tightening and stitching parts
Eyes 1.2 cm,

magic ring – amigurumi ring
inc – increase
ch-air loop
SSN – double crochet
hdc – half-column with nikid
Convex or voluminous stobic
If the row indicates 1 sc, inc (18), then 1 sc, inc – repeat until the end of the row, in
brackets give the total number of loops for the series


start black
1 row: 5 ch, from the second loop inc, 2 sc, 3 sc in the last, 2 sc, inc (11)
put a marker
2 row: 2 inc, 2 sc, 3 inc, 4 sc (16)
3 row: 16 sc behind the back wall of the loop
4 row: 2 dec, 10 sc, dec (13)
5 row: change color to white 13 sc
6 row: 2 dec, 9 sc (11)
7-15 row: 11 sc
16 row: change color to brown 11 sc
17-18 row: 11 sc
We knit the second leg and we will connect

Watch the marker – the connection of the legs should be in the middle of the inner
side, if your hook is not in this place, then knit the necessary
the number of columns to the junction.
19 row: cast on 3 ch, sl-st with the first leg, knit on the first leg 11 sc, 3 sc
on air loops, 11 sc on the second leg, 3 sc on air loops
20-21 row: 28 sc
22 row: change color to black 28 sc
23-24 row: 28 sc
25 row: 12 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec (26)
26-27 row: 26 sc
28 row: 11 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec (24)
29 row: 24 sc
30 row: (4 sc, dec) * 4 (20)
31-33 row: 20 sc

Hand 2 details
We start in white
1 row: 6 sc in magic ring
2 row: 1 sc, inc (9)
3rd row: 9 sc
4 row: 1 convex column (4 pssn in one loop), 8 sc
5th row: dec, 3 sc, dec, 2 sc (7)
6-16 row: 7 sc
Don’t stuff

Knit head in red
Upper part of the head
1 row: 6 sc in magic ring
2 row: 6 inc (12)
3rd row: 12 inc (24)
4 row: 24 sc
5 row: 3 sc, inc (30)
6 row: 1 sc, inc (45)
7 row: (4 sc, inc) * 9 (54)
8-11 row: 54 sc
12 row: (4 sc, dec) * 9 (45)
13 row: (1 sc, dec) * 15 (30)
14 row: (3 sc, dec) * 6 (24)
15 row: 24 sc
16 row: 12 dec (12)
17 row: 6 dec
This place will be sewn to the body

Pompoms for slippers 2 parts
1 row: 6sc in magic ring
2 row: 1 sc, inc (9)
3rd row: 6sc, dec (6)
Buttons 2 parts yellow color
8 sc in magic ring

Collar white
23 ch knit from the second 3 sc, (dc, dc, dc) – in one loop, repeat to the end of the row

Assembly and decoration
Sew handles to 30-31 row

From black felt we cut out glasses, from white eyes, we make holes for screw fastening of the eye

Gluing it all together

We do tightening
We introduce the needle into the 13th row and lead to the 9th-10th row obliquely to the right, retreating 3 sc

We take it down again, then we take the needle from the bottom to the 9-10 row obliquely to the left

We tighten, if necessary, then we do everything again

Glue the eyes into the holes

Mouth – 5 sc in the magic ring, glue the tongue – a piece of felt
Sew the mouth into the recess in the 13th row

In the center under the eyes we embroider a nose, I crochet the thread

We make a few stitches until a tubercle is formed

Sew the head to the body

Sew on pom-poms, buttons and collar


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