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Amigurumi Flower Girl Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Flower Girl Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;



(skin color, brown, white, orange, green, light brown)



Needle, scissors

Eyes on a 10mm safety mount

Loop marker


Magic ring – amigurumi ring

ch – air loop

sl-st – connecting post

sc – single crochet

Hdc – half double crochet

Dc – double crochet

Double crochet – double crochet

Inc – increase

Dec – decrease

ZPP – behind the front wall of the loop

ZZP – behind the back wall of the loop

HANDS 2pcs (skin color)

1 6sc in magic ring 6

2 (2Inc, sc)x2 10

3-5 10sc 10

6 1Ш, 9sc 10

7 4sc, Dec, 4sc 9

8-20 9sc (13 rows) 9

Ш (bump) – 4dc with 1st point

SL-ST and cut the thread. Leave a long thread for incising.

Don’t stuff.

Insert markers into row 20 at the level with the bump.

EARS 2pcs (skin color)

Knit loosely.

In magic ring Inc knit 1sc, 1Hdc, 2Dc, 1Hdc, 1sc.

Tighten and form a semicircle. Leave

thread for incising.

Neck TUBE (skin color)

A tube is placed inside the neck to stiffen it. We’re going to use

her like a skeleton.

1 6sc in magic ring 6

2 (2sc, Inc)x2 10

3-13 10sc (11 rows) 10

SL-ST, fasten and cut the thread, do not stuff.

If desired, instead of such a trolley, you can use Incoloka.

LEGS and BODY (starting with brown)

We start knitting from the foot of the left leg.

1 6ch, in 2nd stitch from hook

4sc, 4Inc in 1p, turn,

3sc , Inc.

Place marker 13

2 Inc, 3sc, 4Inc, 3sc, 2Inc 20

3 ZZP 20sc 20

4 4sc, (Dec, 2sc)x3, 4sc 17

5 (2sc, Dec)x3, 5sc 14

6 5sc, Dec, 7sc 13

7-19 13sc (13 rows) (change to skin color) 13

20 12sc, Inc (Inc in this row should be in the middle of the wrong side) 14

21-30 14sc (10 rows) 14

SL-ST, fasten and cut the thread, stuff the leg. Place a marker in the middle of the inside of the leg.

Before we approach the body, let’s tie the edge of the boots.

Keep your legs up. Insert the hook into the last loop of the 3rd row of the SPP, Inc and connect

brown thread, Inc work 1ch and sc in the round. Fasten and tie the threads.

Repeat for the 2nd leg.

LEGS and BODY (starting with white)

We start knitting from the foot of the left foot.

Bind your left leg in the same way as your left leg.

The last stitch of the 30th row should be

in the middle, if not, tie it again

several loops. Place a marker, new

beginning of the row.

31 11sc (on the left leg), 2ch (between the legs), 13sc (on the left leg), 2sc, 3sc (on the left leg) 32

32 11sc, 2sc on ch, 19sc 32

33-36 32sc (4 rows) 32

37 Change to skin color (6sc, Dec)x4 28

38 28sc (9 rows) 28

39 4sc, Dec, 12sc, Dec, 8sc 26

40-46 26sc (7 rows) 26

47 We fasten the arms: 5sc along the body, 1sc (along the marked loop of the left hand), 8sc (along the left arm), 13sc, 1sc (along the marked loop of the left hand), 8sc (along the left hand), 8sc 44

13 sts in front, 13 sts on back, 9 sts on each arm. Don’t stuff your hands.

48 2sc, 2Dec, 7sc, 2Dec, 8sc, 2Dec, 7sc, 2Dec, 6sc 38

49 (2sc, Dec)х8, 6sc 30

50 (3sc, Dec)x6 24

51 (2sc, Dec)x6 18

52 (sc, Dec)x6 12

53-55 12sc (3 rows) for neck 12

HEAD (skin color)

56 12 Inc 24

57 (2sc, Inc)x8 32

58 (3sc, Inc)x8 40

59 (7sc, Inc)x5 45

60 (8sc, Inc)x5 50

61 (4sc, Inc)x10 60

62 (9 sc, Inc)x6 66

Stuff the tube and insert it into the neck.

63-66 66sc (4 rows) 66

67 (9sc, Dec)x6 60

68 (8sc, Dec)x6 54

69-78 54sc (10 rows) 54

Insert eyes between rows 68 and 69 on

space 9 p between them. You can advance

note the position of the eyes.

Start stuffing your head.

79 (7sc, Dec)x6 48

80 (6sc, Dec)x6 42

81 (5sc, Dec)x6 36

82 18Dec 18

83 (sc, Dec)x6 12

84 6Dec 6

Fasten off and leave yarn to bind off remaining 6 stitches.


– Embroider eyelashes, eyebrows with black thread ((stitch length 3p, height 2p, distance from eyelashes to eyebrows 3p) and mouth (length 2p, 1p In knit 1 row above)

– Form the nose between the eyes with 65-66 rows (3p)

– You can apply a little blush on your cheeks using powder or acrylic paints

– Sew the ears between 65-69 rows, the distance from the ears to the eyes is 7 sts.

HAIR (in orange)

1 8sc in magic ring 8

2 8Inc 16

3 (sc, Inc)x8 24

4 (2sc, Inc)x8 32

5 (3sc, Inc)x8 40

Tied the top part of the hair. Next, we do not cut the thread, we knit it in a spiral. At the end of the Inc, knit SL-ST in the next. p. (indicated in the picture below), then Inc. continue knitting further.

1-2 18ch, in the 3rd p. 16Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

3 19ch, in the 3rd p. 17Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

4-8 52ch, in the 2nd p. 50Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

9-14 20ch, in the 3rd p. 18Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

15-19 52ch, in the 2nd p. 50Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

20 19ch, in the 3rd p. 17Hdc. Inc. skip 1p, SL-ST in next. P.

Fasten off and leave the thread for Incinching.

1. Place your hair inside out on your head. First, pin the round piece to

the center of the head from the 4th to the 19th Incident of hair on the back of the head. First, incise the round piece onto top of your head, don’t pull it too tight, it will look bad.

2. Make bangs through the first ear from the 2nd and 3rd sections of hair. Create bangs across the left ear with using the 1st and 20th Incident of hair.

3. Pull the pins out from where you pinned. Incish the hair to the head, don’t tighten it tightly, otherwise it will look ugly.

DRESS (brown)

1 28ch, from the 6th st from the hook we knit 3sc, Inc, 4sc, Inc, 4sc, Inc, 3sc, Inc, 3sc, Inc, ch, turn 27

2 (8sc, Inc)x3, ch, turn 30

3 3sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 8sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 3sc, ch, turn 34

4 4sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 10sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 4sc, ch, turn 38

5 5sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 12sc, Inc, 6sc, Inc, 5sc, ch, turn 42

6 5sc, 4ch, Inc, skip 10 p, 12sc, 4ch, Inc, skip 10 p, 5sc, 2ch, turn 30

7 5Dc, 4Dc in ch, 12Dc, 4Dc in ch, 5Dc,2 ch, turn 30

8 30Dc, 2ch, turn 30

9 30Dc, 6ch, turn 30

We knit in 7 sts from the Magic ring hook

10 Inc omit 6ch, 30Dc, ch, turn 30

11 30sc, ch, turn 30

12 30sc 30

SL-ST, then knit in the round, 2ch

13 30Inc from Dc, 2ch, turn 60

14-19 60Dc, 2ch, turn 60

SLEEVES 2 pcs (brown)

We start in the 6th row (white arrow in the figure)

1 13Dc, sl-st, 2ch 16

2 5Dc, 3Dec, 5sc, sl-st, 2ch 13

3 13Dc, sl-st, 2ch 13

4 13Dc, sl-st, ch 13

5 13sc 13

APRON (white)

1 43ch, in the 2nd st we knit (5sc, Inc)x6, 6sc 5ch, turn in the 6th st we knit 48

2 6Dc, 5ch, Inc. skip 12p, 12Dc, 5ch, Inc. skip 12p, 6Dc, ch, turn 36

3 36sc, 2ch, turn 36

4 (Dc, Inc from Dc)x18, 2ch, turn 54

5 54Dc, 2ch, turn 54

6 (2Dc, Inc from Dc)x18, 2ch, Rotate 72

HAT (light brown)

1 6sc in magic ring, sl-st, ch 12

2 6Inc, sl-st, ch 18

3 (sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 24

4 (2sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 30

5 (3sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 36

6 (4sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 42

7 (5sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 48

8 (6sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 54

9 (7sc, Inc)x6, sl-st, ch 54

10 60sc for Inceduary row, sl-st, ch 54

11-12 54sc, sl-st, ch Change to dark brown color 54

13 54sc, sl-st, ch 54

14 54sc, sl-st, ch Change to light brown color 54

15 (Dc, Inc from Dc)x27 81

16 81Dc 81

Fasten and tie the threads.


We start with dark green color

Cast on 62ch, in the 2nd st we knit (10sc, 10ch, turn, sc, 8Dc)x5, 10sc, 3sc in 1st, etc.

side (10sc, 10ch, turn, sc, 8Dc)x5, 10sc

Fasten and leave a long thread.

Lock it in a ring


Large flower 1pc

Any colour

6sc in magic ring, sl-st, (10ch, turn, sc, 8Dc, sc)x6

Tighten the ring and leave a long thread

Small flower 7pcs

Any colour

In magic ring we knit (3ch, 3Dc, 3ch, sl-st)x4

Tighten the ring and leave a long thread.

Embroider on the Magic ringx plus flower. Sew the bandage to your head.

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